Triumph Education provides following services

For school seeking international student recruitment solutions

  • Increasing International students in a shorter period and lower coast
  • Customized international recruitment and marketing plans
  • International lead generation for partnership
  • Global territory assessment and market penetration
  • School advertising for international marketing
  • Productive educational agent identification, development, management and staff training
  • International promotion travelling for a school: school visits, exhibition attendance, on site presentations
  • Global partnership development and Pathway and Foundation development
  • On-line marketing and social media advising
  • Regional office development, management, staffing and staff training
  • Arranging or participate a customized trip for school executives to Asia
  • Help school to parent communications
  • Coordinate Dialogs between group of agents with a school
  • International web site design/maintenance

 For students seeking school selection advice 

  • Why study abroad, when is the best time, where is the best place
  • School overview in matching a student’s need
  • School costs vs future opportunities
  • Admissions and credential review
  • Required exams preparation planning
  • Essay and recommendation advising
  • Customized school visits
  • Life coaching for soft skill improvement
  • On-going mentoring and monitoring to ensure retention and graduation

For educational agencies and home based workshops 

  • New High School and University project development
  • Offer Student leads collected from local Education Fairs via a Partnership
  • Sales and Marketing process guidance
  • New Business Initiatives
  • Consultant Training on school features and trend
  • Project Management Consulting and commission assurance
  • Market Research and Development yearly reporting
  • Immigration and School Campus policy updating
  • Visit School Campus for Agency’s Needs and student status checking

For government agencies and institutions

  • Intercultural training sessions
  • Scholar exchange program initiatives
  • Cultural exchange project coordination and event management
  • On-going mentoring and monitoring to ensure retention and graduation of sponsored and scholarship students
  • Property and city infrastructure upgrade investment
  • Overseas government support
  • Higher education company partnerships
  • North America reality briefing