Triumph Education Services Inc.

We are an international student management company working with selected groups of North American schools and universities, who are interested and dedicated in attracting international students from East Asia countries. Having been recruiting students on ground in Vietnam, Philippines, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan since 2003, we are well connected, and supported by over hundreds of agents and sub-agents set up over last 13 years.


We understand the challenges in identifying productive agents, initiating a new school partnership, communicating with overseas agents, having a limited school budget and in finding quality students for your school; so we have solutions for both sides.

Save your school budget and shorten market turnaround time” is our mission;increasing international students in a reasonable short period is our goal. If it costs your school three trips to Asia to build a productive agents network, we can do it by one trip; if your budget is too small to send one staff member to Asia, Triumph Education can travel for you at lower cost and bring back the same or even better result; if you like to partner with an overseas school, we can set up a connection for you. Coordinating communication between different cultures is our unique service. Triumph Education can help herd your agents. We have several different kinds of partnership work models for schools to choose from. If you are interested, please contact us for details.


Triumph Education thrives off of your International department’s success.